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TNVR / Barn Cat Program
Helping feral kitties live happy healthier lives!

Weatherford Whiskers helps people who want to help feral cats in our community. If you're a cat lover who has ever put food out for a hungry stray or feral cats, then we need your help to help these sweet kitties!

What is TNVR?

TNVR stands for trap, neuter, vaccinate and RETURN. After we have identified a food source (for example, a neighbor or group of people who feed the kitties) we can then help you implement the TNVR program. 

Weatherford Whiskers provides humane traps and works with you to trap the kitties. The kitties are then spayed or neutered, ear tipped and given a rabies vaccine. This service is provided at no cost to most of the residents of Parker County at the Weatherford Parker County animal shelter, or $5.00 per cat to cover a rabies vaccine at Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP.) Each kitty is ear tipped during surgery (must be in a trap). Ear tipping tells rescue groups and animal control that the cat has been part of a TNVR program and no longer needs to be trapped. 

After the procedure, the kitties are returned to their territory and released to live a happy healthier life; no longer reproducing, contributing to the over population of homeless cats and kittens. Feral cat colonies that have been spayed and neutered are healthier and happier. There is no longer a need for them to fight over territory for breeding and lessens the spread of disease. The most important goal for TNVR is to help reduce the number of unwanted cats each year. The TNVR program directly helps the animal shelter and reduces the amount of euthanized cats each year. 
What is the Barn Program?
The barn program works like TNVR, except these feral kitties do not have a place to call home. Weatherford Whiskers assists the Weatherford Parker County animal shelter (WPCA) with their barn cat program. Feral cats who end up at the shelter are unadoptable. Sadly, feral cats are humanely euthanized for that reason. WPCA's barn program has helped save hundreds of feral cats by matching pairs of "barn cats" with families who wish to have cats for rodent control. When you have barn cats, you give feral kitties another chance at life!

Barn kitties go out in sets of three. Weatherford Whiskers volunteers come to your residence and set up a crate with housing, litter box, food, water, and at lease two barn cats. Our volunteers show residents how to care for the cats during a two week transition, where the barn cats stay in the crates. This gives the cats time to adjust to their new territory and to learn this is their new home. After two weeks the crate is opened and the barn cats are able to come and go from the crate. Once established in their new barn, shop or out building, the crates are removed. Residents continue to provide shelter, food and water for their barn cats and in turn, the barn cats provide excellent rodent control. 

Some kitties even become friendly enough to be outdoor family members! Thanks to people who love cats, Weatherford Whiskers can help strays and feral kitties have a happy life.

If you are interested in helping feral cats in your community, or if you have a need for some barn cats on your property, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Donations Appreciated
Except for the $5.00 rabies cost per cat at TCAP, Weatherford Whiskers helps to provide assistance with feral cats at no charge. Donations are always appreciated - your thoughtful donation will help to provide supplies to help continue this program. 

Need a trap?

Weatherford Whiskers will loan out traps to individuals who are able to do their own trapping. 

Winter set up for barn cats.

TNVR feral cats waiting to be spayed/neutered at TCAP.

Feral cat community.

Summer set up for barn cats.

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